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How to Order the SS-5 Form in 10 Easy Steps

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How to Order the SS-5 Form in 10 easy steps

Have you ever wondered how to move another generation back in your family tree?  Have you tried obtaining your ancestor’s SS-5 Form application?  The social security number was created in 1936 to help track how much money people were making.  If the ancestor you are trying to move past was alive and working during this time period, odds are they applied for a social security number by completing the SS-5 application.  You can find a great deal of first-hand information off of your ancestor’s SS-5 application—like their parent’s actual names!

I have been tackling brick walls left and right for my own family tree so I decided to try my luck with one of my husband’s ancestors.  My husband’s great grandfather was William Henry Bullard born 11 March 1903 in Waynesboro, Wayne, Mississippi, but the line stopped here.  William died 10 April 1961 in Mobile, Alabama.  I had found his marriage record but of course it did not mention who his parents were; I did at least get a year for the marriage, 17 September 1927.  So I know he was out of his parents’ house at this point.

I started looking through U.S. City Directories to help create a timeline for William.  The 1924 directory listed William living on L.H. Bullard Street in Mobile, Alabama.  I did a google map search of the street but came up with nothing.  I thought it was odd that the street was the same as his last name.  The Alabama, Deaths and burials Index listed William’s father as L. H. Bullard and mother as Mary Saxton.  Curious right.  Next stop—the U.S. Social Security Death Index where I obtained William’s social security number.

Once you obtain your ancestor’s social you can apply for their SS-5 to be sent to you.  I’ll walk you through the steps below.  Please note that because William would technically be 114 years old I did not need to send any confirmation of death forms.

Step 1:  Obtain your ancestor’s social security number.

Step 2:  Go to the government website https://secure.ssa.gov/apps9/eFOIA-FEWeb/internet/main.jsp

Step 3:  Select “Photocopy of Original Application for a Social Security Card” and fill out the form as best you can.  Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

SS-5 image 1

Step 4: Click “Pay Now”

Step 5: Enter payment info

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Step 6:  Select Continue with plastic card payment

Step 7:  Have email confirmation sent to you

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Step 8:  Click Submit Payment (only once)

Step 9: Save Tracking number

Step 10:  Wait 20 working days then follow upJ

This is what was sent to me- I now have his father’s full name and his mother’s maiden name 🙂  If you guys want more post like this just leave me a message below.

William H Bullard SS5 Form2