My name is Jennifer and I decided to create The Genealogy Laboratory to share my genetic genealogy experiences while researching my own family origins.  Through this blog I will share techniques that have worked for me and information I find on my Lujan, Romero, McMahon, and Albin family lines.

I graduated with a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and a Master of Public Health some years ago. So I now have a string of various letters behind my name ~MPH, MLS (ASCP)CM.  I have been a practicing genealogist for 15 years and a genetic genealogist for the last 5.  I have worked as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and a Clinical Analyst for the past decade.  I became fascinated with genetic genealogy back when I was an undergrad.  As MLS students we were required to perform our own phenotype testing. All of my classmates matched their respective ethnic percentages within the population, I however did not.  So began my genetic genealogy quest 🙂

My testing skills include:

  • Immunoassays
  • Molecular diagnostic
  • LC-MS
  • Next generation sequencing

Genealogy Experience

If you would like to join the  American Indian U.S. South West DNA Project please contact me and I can help you through the process.